Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lover Reborn - JR Ward

Yes I know I already blogged about this book.
But seriously,
you know you've got your hands on a good book when you consider,
and I mean truly consider,
calling in sick just so you can read the book.

I've waited a year for this one.
Yes, you heard me.
One whole year!

The main storyline in Lover Reborn
is that of Tohrment.
His shellan
was killed
"fifteen months, twenty-six days, seven hours. I'd have to check a watch for the minutes." ago.
He learns his beloved Wellesandra is not,
 in fact in The Fade,
but stuck In Between. 
And it's up to him to set her free.
Can he?
Will he?
Will No'One help?

We also get my favourites, John Matthew and Xhex.
They weren't around much in the last book,
so I was thrilled JM got more than 3 lines this book.
Their marriage has hit some bumps.
JM has issues with Xhex fighting alongside with the Brotherhood.
And, well, Xhex...
did everyone think she'd become all cuties and wear make up
just because she was mated?

Blay and Quinn once again, 
had me giddy.
"Our future has come."
(Thank you JR Ward for announcing their time has come in 2013.)

The lessers are still around,
but the new Band of Bastards,
those not-so-nice-want-to-kill-Wrath
vampires are back.
I started to like Throe,
but then didn't.
I don't like Xcor,
and can't wait to read what happens to him!

Am I speaking like these are actual people and not just characters in a book?
doesn't that tell you right there this is fantastic!
The sign of a truly fabulous book,
is when the characters are people
(or vampires)
you care about.


Darlene said...

It's great that you find books that you love to read so much. I just think there is nothing like a wonderful book and a whole evening just to relax and read. That is pure luxury for me. Having said that, I can honestly say that those books you mostly read are just not my "cup of tea". However, I'm glad that you enjoy them. Just give me a lovely romantic novel, or a good historical one and I am happy. So many of my friends are into mysteries. I don't like anything with court scenes or any kind of a "who done it".

Actually, I have read some pretty strange books lately, considering the fact that they came from Sue's kindle to mine. She and I mostly like the same kind of books, but honestly, the ones she has sent me lately are sort of weird for her taste. Many are about women who are in little "circles". Sewing circle, quilting circles etc. etc. That is just so far from what Sue would EVER do. I read them anyway, and have to admit that they are somewhat interesting, even though it often takes a long time for me to get the characters all in my mind. Still, oh how much I would love to read a book or two by some of the authors we both used to love, like Maeve Binchy, Anne Rivers Siddons, Belva Plain, Catherine Cookson, or Rosamund Pilcher for example. Unfortunately we have both read every book each one has written and I, in fact, have them in my own library. So at least I can re read them, which I admit I often do.

Sue will be home from Hawaii tonight, so will be glad to see her comments on your post again. She hasn't done as much blogging while there and I don't blame her. Just wish I could have gone with them as Dick and I both love Hawaii. Have you ever been there? For that matter, have you ever been to California?