Tuesday, March 13, 2012

52 Weeks of Happiness - Week 1

I had so much fun with Leigh and her quest for happiness last year,
that I'm joining in again this year. 

Last week was Susan's birthday.
We planned a dinner this weekend at the Thai restaurant.
I would have to say, 
my favourite part of the Thai place,
is the fact that Mint is next door.

Our plan was to hit Mint for cake and coffee.
However, dinner was fabulous
and we drank and chatted non-stop
that by 11pm, we needed to get home
and let the babysitter go.

I commented how we should take a few pieces of cake
and eat them at my place.
Susan agreed.
The only problem, 
was we couldn't decide what cake we should get.

So we got a few.

Happiness is pigging out on
gorging out on, 
enjoying some dessert
with great mates. 


Kelly Lund and Kids said...

YUMMMMMM!!! That would make me Happy!! :) So fun to follow you on finding Happiness :)

Sue said...

I agree. It's so much fun to eat out and chat to your heart's content.


Darlene said...

That sounds like my kind of fun evening. Loved the cake eating part. I can't get enough these days of desserts, unfortunately. I seem to crave sweets lately because it is the one flavor I can still experience since I seem to have lost most of my taste and smell. Of course it is even better when you can do this with really good friends.

leigh said...

Such a yummy indulgence! Thanks for going on this quest with me!