Tuesday, March 6, 2012

52 Weeks of Happiness

I came across Leigh and her Happiness Project
a year and half ago.
I joined her Happiness Project and loved it.
I'm thrilled to have completed an entire year this time around.
Somehow, I must have messed up my math,
as I hit week 52 last week, 
and Leigh has hers this week.
But that doesn't mean I didn't find any happiness this week.
Consider this my bonus.

I love Fridays.
Not only does school end at 12:30,
but we get the market.
My favourite part of the market is Natalia.

Natalia has fresh, organic food. 
Amazing bread.

But my favourite is her Happy Meal.
This is no McDonald's.
Her Happy Meal includes;
an amazing salad, 
a smoothie,
a slice of bread with pesto spread
and a dessert.

Happiness is a Happy Meal.


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Wow that is my kind of happy meal!

Sue said...

That's the kind of happy meal I could get into!


Kara said...

Oh my I love her also...look at all that delicious stuff!!

Kim said...

Ooo, that is my kind of happy meal. I love the breads.

Darlene said...

It looks yummy. I could eat that right as I have had nothing but liquids for eight straight days, thanks to my doctor. He put me on this to help cure my diverticulitis. It will either cure or kill. I am pretty week and am considering going off tomorrow regarless.

Her breads look especially enticing. I love to bake breads and haven't make any for a couple of weeks. I may even blog about one of my favorite ones today, oatmeal. It's so easy. Maybe you and Ethan can make it one weekend.