Sunday, March 4, 2012

Anathema - Megg Jensen

Don't you just love getting things for free?

This book was a free Kindle book, and it looked interesting, so I thought, why not? I wasn't enjoying the current book I'm reading, and knew this was a short one, so it was a perfect fit. PLUS, the power was out for a few hours. Just enough time to read this book. 

Anathema is the 1st in the Cloud Prophet Trilogy.

Reychel is a slave girl. She has never been outside. She sleeps in a room with 40 other slave girls. Every morning, they shave their heads. There are no mirrors, so they rely on each other. Reychel's job is to spend the day washing dishes, in a dark room.

It's the morning of Reychel's 15th  birthday. Not a day she's looking forward to. This is the day her master's symbol is burnt to the back of her scalp. She wakes up in the morning to find her best friend missing and she has upset her master before the ceremony. 

But suddenly, someone helps her escape. And now Reychel finds herself in a world she's never known, with people thinking she can help them.

I loved that this book got me hooked right away. It was a fast pacing book, with a character I loved. 

Now, let's see when the second book comes out. I'll even pay for it! 


Megg Jensen said...

Thanks so much for the great review! Oubliette (book two) and Severed (book three) are available in ebook and paperback. I think from Africa you can access them through Smashwords or the iBookstore. :D

Sue said...

Sounds both creepy and enthralling.


Darlene said...

It sounds very interesting. I hope Sue buys it for our kindles. I can't buy it for myself because she bought a second kindle in her name for me and she is the only one that can order the new books.

I was disappointed she didn't say she would get it....maybe the creepy comment had something to do with it. I'll have to ask her to do it for me.

I always enjoy your comments about the book you are reading because I love to get recomendations before I read one.