Friday, March 23, 2012

Five Question Friday

When we moved to Lusaka, we chose a place in a compound.
Knowing that Scott would travel, I tend to feel safer knowing I have neighbours.
Also, I hoped Ethan would have some mates to play with.

So we moved in, and there were no neighbours.
A few months later, Sarah and Richard moved into one of the houses.
They have a 10 month old baby.
Which is great, but no playmates for Ethan.

Then we learnt that one of Ethan's classmates is moving in.
I get home today, and they are in the process of moving in.
Ethan's invited his classmate over,
and then he headed to her place.
Where he stayed all afternoon and was upset when it was time to come in.
Guess I now know where to find Ethan!

And that brings us to Friday!!!!!
It's been ages, but I'm joining up with
Five Question Friday!!!

1. If you were free to just hop in the car and drive, where would you go? Or, if you could hop a plane and go anywhere, where?
Not too sure about hopping into the car,
but if I could fly anywhere,
I'm still awaiting my trip to Italy.
We were suppose to go to Italy last summer,
but with Scott's new job, 
that was postponed.
Italy..... here I come!!!

2. What's your most recently read favourite book?
I'm going to cheat here.
Because next week,
actually, not even a full week,
JR Ward's new book gets released.
I have every plan to gobble it up over the weekend,
and I know it will be the best book so far this year!

3. What's your favourite Spring Break memory?
When I was about 21-ish,
my parents took my brother and I to Disneyland, Florida.
Now, I know what you're thinking,
but wait!
My parents had a conference the whole time,
leaving my 16 year old brother and I free range.
We had a blast!
We got along, went on rides,
goofed off,
and had everything paid for!

4. What do you put in your child's Easter basket? Or, for those w/o kids, what was put in your childhood basket?
Ethan's baskets are never the same.
He gets a chocolate of some kind,
but everything else is different each year.
This year he also gets a book.
Not sure what else, yet.

5. Do you get a summer haircut?
Not only do I go for a new cut,
but I also get a new colour.
And not just for the summer,
but for all seasons and occasions.
In fact, 
expect to see a new colour in a couple weeks.
I'm thinking some orangy highlights.
For Easter of course!


Sue said...

It's the best thing ever when a nice playmate moves to the neighborhood. I hope they stay a LONG time!


Kim said...

Yay for neighbors and a playmate!!!

Darlene said...

It must have been disappointing when you moved into your compound only to find no neighbors there. I'm happy that Ethan now has a friend from school living near. I'm sure he will enjoy having her and she is lucky to have Ethan too

I loved the answers to the five questions. My comments on them:

1. I do hope that you will be able to go to Italy soon. That sounds like it would be a delightful place to go. I would have loved going through Europe when I was able to travel. I have regretted not doing more traveling while I was well enough to do that. Now it is too late for me. I'm just not a good traveler.

2. I am an avid reader but have to admit I have never read any of J.R. Ward's books. Actually I've never even heard of him, so will be interested to hear what you think of his new book. Hope you will mention it in your blog when you have finished it.

3.How nice that that you were able to go to Disney World when you were in your 20's. We lived in Orlando for 11 months and had season tickets to both Disney World and Sea World. It's a good thing we had them. It was our only entertainment for the whole time we lived there. It was in 1983. We used to love to go walking around Epcot center for our exercise and to watch the mime at Sea World. He was SO good and he used to act up while the people were coming in. When he was finished we would leave, because we had seen the show there so many times, but we never tired of seeing this guy.

4. Easter baskets must always have lots of chocolate in them. I never cared for the other kinds of Easter eggs that much, or the jelly beans, but I sure loved those Chocolate Easter eggs. Yummy.

5. As for summer haircuts. You remind me of my daughter, Jayne. She wears her hair short and is always and forever changing the color. Right now she has a very red auburn, which I hate. She loves it though, but oh how I wish she would just let it go back to her original color which was a sort of medium brown. She used to be satisfied with just streaking it and I think that looked great, but it seems I'll have that red head in my family for quite a while as she doesn't seem to grow tired of it. Ugh.

This was a fun post, Tima, and I did enjoy it a lot.