Friday, March 23, 2012

Seeing Cinderella - Jenny Lundquist

It's March! Time to choose my Young Adult Debut Author book!
And since I'm all about Cinderella, 
the perfect choice for me was none other than,
Seeing Cinderella by Jenny Lundquist.

This was an easy read. 
And it took me back to my dorky pre-teen years in Middle School.
Not sure if that's a good thing or not.

Calliope (Callie) Meadow Andrews is about to start middle school.
Her plan is to get through as unassuming as possible.
However, she learns she needs glasses,
so there's no way she get squeak by looking like a dork.
Callie is given special glasses that are the nerdiest looking ones you've ever seen,
they allow her to see people's thoughts.
Cool right?

Each chapter title is a rule about Super Freaky Glasses.
Love that!

Callie makes a new friend,
who is hiding something.
Even without the glasses Callie knows Ana's not happy, 
but how does she help?

Callie's parents are going through a rough patch.
She misses her dad.
She worships her dad.
She doesn't get along with her mom.
Will her glasses help her see the truth?

From the beginning,
you can see Callie's relationship with her best friend
isn't a healthy one.
But remembering my Middle School days.
I knew, even the glasses wouldn't make her see it.
And I hoped she'd finally find herself,
which of course she did.

Ok, for a book that took me a couple hours to read,
I can't stop talking about it.
Even if you're not a Cinderella freak,
this is such a cute book.
You'll love it.


Sue said...

It does sound cute!


Darlene said...

That does sound like a very easy read if you read it in just two hours. Isn't it fun to read a book that you really enjoy and hate to put down until you finish it? I can't remember ever reading a whole book in just two hours, but I really do love to read and always have a book going. I only allow myself to read in the evenings though or I'm afraid I would never get anything done. I could read all day long and I did just that when I was so dizzy that I just had to keep my eyes focused on something so that I wouldn't get those awful waves of nausea that would make me so sick. I only allowed myself to do thata though for two weeks. What a great rest I got. I'm still dizzy, although not quite as much, but have just decided that it isn't going to hold me down anymore. I need to just get used to it and get on with my life.

Thanks for the book review. If Sue ever gets it for "our" kindle, I will certainly read it.

Take care and keep on reading!!