Thursday, March 8, 2012

Writer's Workshop - Rose Ceremony

4. On The Bachelor a rose is given to the women he could really see himself spending the rest of his life with. What six things in your life would like to give a rose to and why?

It's been awhile since I've joined MamaKat.
And I couldn't think of a better way to join her Writer's Workshop once again.

It's obvious that I would give roses to Ethan and Scott. 
What's not to love about these two?

So, since we know they would get roses,
I'm not counting them.
let's look at some of the really important things in my life.

Oh how I love you.
You warm me up on cold mornings.
You bring me comfort.
You make books more interesting.
Will you accept a rose?

Body Shop Lip Butter.
I use to like lip balm,
until I met you. 
 Now I cannot imagine my life
without you.
Will you accept a rose?

When you first came to me,
I didn't understand you.
But now, 
I cannot live without you.
Please accept a rose.

With my wonderful iPhone,
I never thought you'd be needed.
Oh, but I was wrong.
I love you so.
Would you accept a rose?

When I'm feeling down,
a new pair cheers me up.
It doesn't matter if I gain weight,
or loose weight,
you still look great
(on me).
You make me feel taller
(those wedged heels help).
Will you accept a rose?

Or more specifically
my vampire books.
Anne Rice,
JR Ward
you bring such entertainment.
Everytime I open one of your books,
I enter a completely different world.
(One that does not sparkle!)
I could not imagine my life with you.
Please accept my rose.

Could you imagine what my life would be like,
if I could not sip on a latte
(with my great buttery lips - lol)
while reading on my iPad
and wearing a great pair of shoes?

Such horror!!!!


Jamie said...

oh yes, I love that you added shoes! So true! A woman must have great shoes in her life. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your list sounds like we think alike. :)

Jen said...

I am totally with you on these... especially about the shoes.

Love shoes.

Stopped by from Mama Kat's :)

christina said...

mmmm lattes... :)

gotmyreservations said...

I totally wish I had written to this post. Maybe I'll do it on my blog another day. Shoes, iPhone, lattes -- what more does a girl need?

Darlene said...

You do have some intersting things on your list that you couldn't live without.

I love the look of high heeled shoes, but how, I wonder, can you ever walk in those four inch heels? Yes, the platform ones help, but wow, I am sure I would tip over if I ever tried. It's amazing what you young gals can get away with, but I wonder if your feet will suffer one day for it. (forget it, that's my almost 85years showing).

It's a good thing my husband doesn't read your blog. He just recently got his first I phone and of course he is enchanted with it. I hoped that would be the end of his "toys" but now I'm afraid the next thing he'll be talking about is an I pad.

Sue said...

This is a good list! And I like the meme, too.


Alli said...

I love all the people putting books on their list! Great authors!

Visiting from MamaKat's linkup!