Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shoes, Glorious Shoes

I love shoes.
Almost as much as I love handbags.
Shoes are fantastic.
Have you ever asked,
Do these shoes make me look fat?

Feeling blue?
Get a new pair of shoes. 
You could eat chocolate,
but once you eat it,
it's gone.
The shoes,
they're still there.

Gained weight?
Can't fit into your favourite jeans?
Bet you can still fit into your favourite pair of shoes!

Got a new outfit?
It's almost perfect.
Just needs one more thing to make it complete.
Yup, that's right,
a great pair of shoes.

My dearest, darling cousin, Faiza,
introduced me to Shoedazzle.
Every month,
I'm given a showroom with gorgeous shoes they know I'll love.
I've spent almost a year window shopping.
And then...
after a rough day...
I headed over for some cheering up.

I'm singing
Shoes, Glorious Shoes
over my new shoes.


Sue said...

Those are fun, Tima!


Rudy said...

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Darlene said...

Ouch! Oh my gosh, how do you ever walk in these? They look so uncomfortable to me. I can't wear anything but an open toed sandal these days. I actually lost the big toenail off my right foot and anything else hurts too much. It is healing very well though, so maybe by next winter I will be able to wear shoes that at least keep my feet warm.

I'm sure you look glamorous in those shoes though. I just hope you don't have to walk in them for very long at a time.