Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Under the Never Sky - Veronica Rossi

Under the Never Sky was my choice in The Story Siren's YA Debut Author Challenge for the month of February. It was a hard one to get into, and not because it wasn't a good book. It was. But it took a while to get going.

Veronica Rossi wrote in the 3rd person, and from the point of view of her two main characters. At the beginning, I found this a challenge. One moment it's Aria's point of view, and the next chapter is Perry's. And since it was in the 3rd person, you never got a real sense of their voice.

Aria lives in a world where her people live in pods and fear the outside world (they call it the Death Shop due to cannibals and Aether storms). Her people spend most of their time in virtual reality Realms, rarely living a day in the Real. One day she is exiled from her pod city and begins a journey with an outsider named Perry, in hoped of returning to her pod city.

Perry, meanwhile, wants to be the Blood Lord of his group. His nephew is kidnapped by the Dwellers, and he sets out to find him.

Being from 2 different worlds, neither is happy with the other, but we all know that can change.

Asides from changing back and forth between points of view, I also had a hard time with the actual characters. I liked Perry, but Aria rubbed me the wrong way. It did take getting half way into the book before I felt like I was going to smack her. Other characters were brought in, and once I started to like them, they were gone.


Sue said...

I think that point of view sounds kind of confusing, too.


Darlene said...

Well, being that this is not my kind of a book, it is pretty hard for me to make a decent comment. I can say though, that I know you love to read, and that is a great thing. I am an avid reader and can appreciate anyone that loves to read no matter what their favorite kind of reading is.