Thursday, March 15, 2012

Writer's Workshop - Where Babies Come From

4. Are you feeling brave? Ask your child where babies come from and share their answers.

"Babies come from your belly."

There you go! Simple enough. 

"How do they get in your body?"

I think the ants bring them there. Sometimes you step on an ant and it goes into your belly with a baby.

You know you eat food, so the food goes in your tummy and that makes a baby.

I have some more ideas. Want to hear them?

I think babies come from, when you eat food, it sticks together and that makes a baby. The baby makes its own body from food.

I don't like to eat food because I don't want a baby. - I still don't completely understand how babies are made

I asked Ethan this over a series of days to see if his answer changed.
The ants are responsible.
Can you tell I live in Africa where the ants are always around?


Diane said...

Too cute! First time I've heard that one. I love the way their imaginations work!

Sue said...

Viva les ants!


Darlene said...

I can't imagaine how Ethan got that idea, but I loved hearing about it. I'm really beginning to love that kid and can hardly wait to hear his newest adventure. Of course you know that I especially love that he loves to cook....the only one of my kids that really ever liked to was my youngest, my only son, Rich. He was always under my feet wanting to help me. I so often let him because even though it took me longer, I was so happy that at least one of my kids took after me in that respect. Ethan reminds me so much of Rich and I love the way that they are never afraid to try anything.

I always said that Ethan would make someone a wonderful husband and some lucky kids a wonderful father. I can tell you that Rich has truly excelled in both capacities. So, when it actually happens with Ethan, I hope you will remember this Darlene, who if she were still living would just say "I told you so."

Kim said...

Well I definitely don't want any more babies, so I had better start dieting!

That is so cute. My kids think all babies are born by c-section. I think I will let them think that for a long time. I don't want to explain it.