Thursday, March 29, 2012

Writer's Workshop - How the Affair Began

3) How did your love affair with Coffee begin?

I was never a coffee lover.
In fact,
I hated it!

I remember a time in university,
my mate treated me to breakfast.
It included a coffee.
I put seven sugars in it,
and it still tasted horrid.

Tea was always my drink of choice.

Upon my return to Dar from Canada
after Ethan was born,
I started going to a little cafe with some mates. 
Getting tea was often a bore,
so I started ordering mochachinos. 
I remember asking the waitress to put more chocolate
and less coffee.

Then a year after Ethan was born,
we went on vacation to England.
My brother, a bunch of cousins and I all headed to Starbucks.
My brother ordered a vanilla latte.
Being a vanilla fan, 
I thought I'd try it.

I was hooked!!!!
The next time we went,
I ordered my own latte.

Upon my return to Dar,
I switched from mochachinos
to lattes.

Ah, my lattes.
Oh, think I should get one now.


Sue said...

I'm not a coffee drinker, but sometimes looking at one of those frothy drinks makes me wish I were!


Recovering Supermom said...

I think that's how I became accustomed to the taste of coffee, too, but starting with lattes. :) And vanilla lattes bring back good memories for me because my friend and I used to enjoy them together in high school. I remember a time I was having a very bad day and she brought me one from the coffee shop to my house! That was true friendship. :)

Darlene said...

They do look so yummy, but like Sue, I don't drink coffee, but I did go to Starbucks one time with my neice and she, not being a coffee drinker either, bought us both a frothy drink that didn't have coffee or caffein in it and I have to say I did love it. But they were so expensive!! I can't even remember what they were called. It's probably a good thing because we have a Starbucks just around the corner from us.

Mama Kat said...

Oh my gosh, we have almost the EXACT same story! I started with Chai teas and moved slowly from that to super fancy coffees and then on to Vanilla Lattes! It's been a slow slow build, but I used to despise coffee as well. Ha! Glad to be on this journey with you. ;)