Tuesday, December 11, 2012

52 Weeks of Happiness - Week 40

Some mates of ours,
posted on Facebook
that they were taking their kids 
to see some lion cubs this past weekend.
I had seen some pictures
of other mates who had gone,
and thought Ethan would love to go.

So Sunday morning,
off we went in search of baby cubs.

This family had lions.
While it seems quite sad,
their idea is conservation.

The cubs are males,
and had to separated from the adult
Like kittens,
they were very playful.

We did get to see the lions as well.
White lions.
he looks a little sad here,
but when we arrived,
we saw the owner come out
and refer to him as 
"my baby" and he jumped on her.
The idea is to conserve lions
and keep them from being poached.
Is it right?
I don't know.

Ethics aside,
Ethan had a wonderful experience,
even if he did get nipped
by a cub.

Happiness is getting up close and personal
with a couple of baby cubs.


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

What an amazing experience to see lion cubs up close like that!

Sue said...

Wow. That really IS up close and personal.