Thursday, December 6, 2012

Writer's Workshop - Shopping

What was the last thing you bought?

The Grade 4 students
had their Holiday sale today.
They've just completed their
Unit of Inquiry
on supply and demand.
The students did some research
and were then asked 
to bake or make something
they could sell 
at the market.

I planned to support the 
Grade 4 students
by buying a cupcake,
or brownie
or something sweet.

I never imagined to come across these.

But not just earrings,
shoe earrings
handbag earrings.
Don't they just have my name on them?

And then, 
of course,
I couldn't decide which pair to wear
so I wore one of each!


Jen@Living a Listful{l} Life said...

They are great earrings! I'd personally like the handbags. :)

The Reason You Come said...

Those are awesome! I'm envious. I want those earrings but can't decide between the bags and shoes.

Sarah said...

Love them!

Kim said...

Sounds like the had you in mind form the start. ;)

Sue said...

What a fun activity.

And cool earrings!