Saturday, December 1, 2012

Winter Blog Challenge

Over the summer,
I came across a
Summer Blog Challenge.
I started off great
but didn't do too well.

Then there was the
Autumn Blog Challenge.
Once again,
I had good intentions,
but there were a lot of prompts
I couldn't answer
so I lost memento.

So that takes us to the
Winter Blog Challenge.
Let's hope I do better this time around.

December 1st - What is your favourite way to welcome in
the winter/holiday season?

Technically it's
summer/rainy season here.
And asides from welcoming 
the rain with a new pair of wellies,
I don't do much.
But the holiday season,
well I'm all about that.

This year will be our 3rd year
the Elf on the Shelf 
makes his appearance. 
I'm not one of those 
overachieving moms
who's elf plays tricks
for the entire month.
our Jake shows up,
watches Ethan,
if he's had a good day,
he leaves Ethan a treat.

I have a lot of mates
whose children
are hitting the age where they
question whether Santa is real
or not.
Ethan's not there yet.
And honestly,
I love it.
I love the look on his face
when he sees Jake. 
I love how he chats with Jake.
Ethan even wonders
when Jake hasn't moved for a while
what's going on.
(A definite cue to Scott and I
to move Jake somewhere else.)

The holiday season
goes off with a great start
when Jake shows up.

1 comment:

Kim said...

The Elf on a Shelf freaks my kids out completely. lol
We have always told the kids that Santa isn't real, but they love to see Santas at the store. They go on and on about how kind and generous that first guy (St. Nick) was to kids. Then we usually end up buying a toy for a child in need at that store and donating it. Then they say that they are like Santa and start giggling. Happens every time. Makes me smile every time, too. :)