Thursday, December 6, 2012

WBC - Keeping Warm

So the weather outside is frightful. What are doing to enjoy being inside?

The weather here has been wonky.
It's the whole
"How do I dress?"
There are nights it rains,
so it's cool in the morning
and you need a jersey.
But then the sun comes out
and you find yourself
doing the perpetual strip tease.
it's really hot out
and you wear a cute dress
only to see the clouds come out
and it start to rain.
Then it rains all night
so it's cold
and you need to get right under
the covers.

I cannot wait for Christmas.
I cannot wait to go home.
I'm even excited about the cold and snow.

And when I get home
that first evening
and start to feel the cold,
so cold
my bones even feel cold.
Well then,
I know I need a good
old fashion cup
of hot chocolate.
With marshmallows!


jennifer zuna said...

Hot chocolate is the best thing about the cold weather!

Parenting Patch said...

Hot chocolate really hits the spot on a cold winter's day!

Nicole said...

I wish it would just pick a season!

Sue said...

Our weather's been running a little hot and cold, too.