Thursday, December 6, 2012

Crushed - Dawn Rae Miller

You know you have a good book 
in your hands,
when you put off doing school work
and stay up all night to finish reading it.

I was first introduced to
books by Dawn Rae Miller
when I picked up Larkstorm
for free on Kindle.
I loved how she wrote her characters.
Even after reading the second book,
and her prequel
I find myself referring to them
as real people and not just characters in a book.

So when she got onto Facebook
and asked if anyone wanted an advanced copy of her newest book,
you know I couldn't refuse.
She sent me the book 
with a warning. 
This was no Larkstorm.
This is meant for a slightly more
mature audience.
One who won't cringe at the course language
or sexual exploits of her characters.

Crushed did not let me down.
And neither did Miller.
Once again,
she has created characters you love
and love to hate.
This time,
she's written the book 
from the POV of Fletch Colson.
A seventeen year old
man-whore who
goes to boarding school.
Fletch and his buddies 
collect panties.
And he loves it!

Fletch is back to school
for his senior year
and something's not right.
He hooked up with one of his female mates,
over the summer
and she broke his heart.
Yup, he has a heart.
And the best way to get over one girl
is to get on top of another.
Fletch's mates tease him
that he can never be friends with a girl
and challenge him to be-freind 
beautiful, smart, and sexy
Ellie Jacobs.

At first,
when reading that this was a dare,
I began to have visions of
that Sarah Michelle Gellar movie with
Reese Witherspoon.
it's not that.
It's more.

Through this friendship,
Fletch learns about himself.
He learns about his family.
He learns who he is
and what he wants
and mostly,
what he does not want.

Miller does a fabulous job,
not just with her characters,
but with voice.
(Can you tell I'm teaching my kids
about voice?)
I forgot this was the same author
that wrote Larkstorm.
There was no comparison.
This is Crushed.
A story on its own.
A coming of age story.
coming of age 
for a male-whore
and no pun intended!