Saturday, June 12, 2010

Grade 2

I love teaching. I tend to prefer the younger grades. Since Ethan was born, I've been enjoying my job as a preschool teacher at Jenny's school. The hours were great, and I had lots of free time to spend with Ethan and my mates.

Then last year, Lara mentioned my working at IST. I wasn't buying it. But eventually I agreed to do supply work there. They promised to keep me busy, and they did. Lara was teaching Grade 2, and needed someone to cover her maternity leave. The school felt I was a good match. I must have done something right, as I now have a full time contract for next year. I apparently passed Grade 2, and am moving up to Grade 3.

I taught Grade 2 for 6 months, so I guess I can count this year as my first year at IST. And I could not have asked for a better class to start my time here with. We had our ups and downs, but I truly had a wonderful class. I joke that I shall now spend the next 10 years teaching at IST, but this class will always have a special part of my heart. They introduce... initiated me into IST culture.

If all my other classes in the years to come are as terrific as these, I know I'll have a wonderful time here. Thank you 2N.

Make sure you check out all we did this year at our website. In August you can meet my new class.