Friday, June 4, 2010

When Did They Grow Up?

We've loved living in Dar. I was shocked the other day when Scott mentioned to someone that we've been here for 8 years. Where did the time go?

In our first year here, I joined the Dar Es Salaam Players. I love it there. The shows they put on are fabulous, and the people are amazing.

During this first year, I met these great kids. Yes, kids. They ranged from 7-10. They were just as talented as their parents, and such a joy. We developed a wonderful bond. I was nicknamed Buffy, and we'd joke about.

I am fully aware that children grow. I just refuse to believe it. In March the Theatre put on a production of Kids Rock On. It was an all kid production. They sang. They danced. They were great. I was in awe, as I noticed one of these "kids" wearing heels and makeup. She went from being cute to beautiful. When the heck did this happen?

Two weeks ago, Ethan and I went on another date. Our dates tend to be around Little Theatre productions. This time, our date took us to a production of Farewell MJ.

Once again, this was an all kid production. There was no acting, no singing, just dancing to some great Michael Jackson tunes. At the beginning of the show, one of the parents did the introduction. She jokingly commented that she could no longer call them "kids" as all, but one, was taller than her. She also announced that this was a slightly sad show. This would be the last show for a few of these teens, whom we've grown to love, would soon be leaving us.  After a nervous laughter (I realised that this mom is taller than I), I was excited to see the show.

Ethan and I both loved it. This was the first time Ethan sat in his own seat from beginning to end. And while Ethan sat in awe, I had a few tears roll down my cheek.

I've seen these kids teens grow up! I went from the cool Buffy, to mom. When did they grow up? The scariest part was seeing the younger sister of the girl in heels all grown up. She too had makeup on. When did she grow up? Why were they leaving? Why did their parents not warn me that they were growing up?

To the cast of Farewell MJ, you guys are fabulous. I admire you all. And if Ethan could grow up to be as talented, creative and sincere as you all are, I would be honoured.