Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Newest Addiction

Six more months till Christmas vacation and we head home. Am looking forward to seeing my friends and family, however, I'm ever-so-slightly concerned about my cousin Faiza. She introduced me to Postcrossing last Christmas and since joining, Ethan and I get a lovely surprise at least once a week. Scott thinks I'm crazy.

So what does this have to do with my concern for her? Well, Faiza has now introduced me to the power of swaps! So now I've signed up with Swap-Bot. And I'm loving it!!! Yes, I'm addicted. (May need to start a Swap Anonymous.) Scott, however, thinks I'm once again on the crazy side. I just blame Faiza. :)

Today I put together my very first swap package. It's called the Newbie Surprises Quick Swap. For this swap, I was paired up with Ann in the US. I'm to send her at least 3 items from the list provided. So here's my small package that's going out in the morning.

In my very first small swap, I'm sending:
  • Mentos - I've rediscovered them and am sharing the joy
  • Extra Gum - Always need a pack in the bag.
  • Small memo pad - To write down those short notes.
  • Ribbon - She enjoys scrap booking
  • Pompoms - Mini ones for scrap booking
  • Postcard - Hey if this is going all the way to the States, you need a picture of Dar!
All with a small notecard to explain it all.

I'm all giddy. I hope she likes it. I can't wait till I get something too.

Thanks Faiza!!!!


Faiza said...

You are most welcome and I am most happy to be your enabler! Most happy indeed!

Amanda said...

that is so fun!!! I want to do fun to get packages and be able to share all over the world!

Emma said...

omg swap-bot is so addictive!! It would be hard doing it internationally like you are, with most participants in the US and postage so expensive. I would be super excited to get a swap from Tanzania though. I mostly swap ATCs... I have a binder full, they are so addictive!

This is Hell0z0mbie from the Check Out My Blog swap, by the way <3