Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pre Birthday Bash

 One week from tomorrow Ethan will be 4. OMG! Ethan's turning four! When did that happen? Wasn't he just a baby yesterday? How did this happen?

Ok, I digress. School ends next Wednesday and a lot of his mates are travelling and won't be here for his birthday, so we decided to have a mini-party at school. I tend to like making Ethan's cake. I guess it's my compensation for not knowing how to cook. I can't cook, but I can bake. However, Ethan didn't want a #4 cake, or a bunch of cupcakes. No, he wanted a Bakugan cake. Yeah, like I can figure out how to make one of those. So I turned to Farry, who makes amazing cakes. She did a fabulous job.

According to Ethan's teacher, he was super excited all day. Was telling anyone and everyone that his mommy was bringing him a Bakugan cake for his anniversaire. When he saw his father walk into the school carrying the cake, he was all giggles. Followed him to the classroom, then ran to find Maitress and his classmates.

Ethan proved to be a true gentleman. He passed out slices of cake to all his mates, before sitting down and devouring his piece. Then he started to look tired. And an hour later, when school was out, he had a fever.

Well, at least he got to enjoy his cake first.


Sarah said...

Yuck to the fever, but glad he got to enjoy his cake! I too can't believe that soon we will have 4 year olds! I'm in denial. ;)

knickknacks said...

Didn't know what Bakugan was until now! ;) Happy birthday, Ethan!

Faiza said...

great cake!