Saturday, July 3, 2010

Froggy Plays Soccer

This week Ethan has been watching FIFA World Cup with his dad. He asks a lot of questions and bases who he will cheer on what colours the teams are wearing. (Sounds like me.) We then realised we have a slight problem. We're Canadian. Therefor the sport is called soccer. However, we live in a country where it's called football (and honestly, I also call it football). You wouldn't think it's confusing, would you? Ah, but it is, and here's why.

Ethan pulled this book out to read at bedtime. I read the title, and immediately got corrected. "Football mommy, not soccer." Oh, ok. So I had to make a conscience effort to ensure I changed all the soccers into footballs.

My favourite part of all Froggy books are the sound effects that occur when Froggy gets dressed. Zap! Znap! Zlim! Zoop!

Ethan enjoys playing football, but he gets scared when he sees the ball heading towards him. Instead of kicking it, he'll often try to catch it, or stop it with his hands and then kick it. In the book, Froggy's dad teaches him a chant;
Head it!
Boot it!
Knee it!
Shoot it!
But don't use your hands!

Froggy also does a lot of daydreaming in the book, and doesn't often get the ball. I like that. It's not a book where Froggy learns to play and excels. There's no pressure for Ethan. He can enjoy the book, remember not to be afraid to kick the ball, and not feel bad when he misses.