Thursday, July 29, 2010

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Mama's Losin' It

It was a bad burn. Tell about the worst sunburn you ever received. How did that happen!?!

I don't tend to burn. It's not showing off, or thinking I'm special, but in all my years in Canada, I never got a sunburn. Then we moved to Korea. Never burnt. Spent a month backpacking around Thailand; no burn. Scott, on the other hand, got severely burnt. We went snorkeling, once, and I teased him that I saw an incredibly huge lobster! LOL

Then, one October, we went to Boracay. It's a stunning island in the Philippines. To this day, I think it's my favourite spot on earth. Boracay is 7km of beach. That's it. You sit in the sun, play in water, go out in the water. Relaxation!

One day, we were relaxing, then went out on a banana boat, had a brilliant time. We got in in the evening, and noticed my forehead was a little red. Could this be a sunburn? The next morning, it wasn't any better. In fact it was worse! It was all red, a little bubble and extremely gross. I spent the rest of the week/vacation wearing a bandanna which went over my forehead. I've since learnt to make sure I put sunscreen on. Everywhere!


Nenette AM said...

Ouch! What a painful way to learn a lesson!
I can totally relate. I don't generally burn either. I'd be hard pressed to remember the last time I did. However, I haven't been "back home" (I was born in the Philippines) in a while, and I have a feeling a trip to Boracay will give me my next burn. :)

Shary said...

I get sunburnt all the time doing normal things like driving and bicycle rides. You're lucky!

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ANKH said...

I don't burn. But my red-headed, fair-skinned husband sure does! I grew up on the Edisto River here in SC,USA. I float down river every year. I got my husband floating, too. About 2ish years ago, we went floating down the river and at the half way point, he forgot to reapply sunblock to his legs. I've seen many a sunburn, but never one like what he got! His legs went from milk white to literally looking like raw meat! He couldn't walk, so we went to the doctor and was told that toxins from the sunburn leached into his muscles! I've never heard of such a thing. He was on all kinds of medicine!


ANKH said...

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