Saturday, August 21, 2010

ABC of Me

A - Aunt Tima to Sachi, Aki and Lucas

B - Brilliant Baker but a Baffled cook. (Yup, I can't cook, but I can bake!)

C - Canadian. And proud of it.

D - Drama Queen. Oh gosh yes!

E - Eager to please other. Enthusiastic for adventure.

F - Fatima to my family

G - Great girlfriend to my mates. (Or at least I hope so...)

H - Happily married to Scott. xxx

I - Imaginative and yet, occasionally, impatient.

J - Junkie! I love my junk food, chocolate, ice cream, yum!

K - Kind, keen and kickboxing queen!

L - Living in Dar! (lol. had to add that in)

M - Mommy to Ethan

N - Nutty, nice, naughty.

O - Open minded, open-hearted, outgoing and very opinionated!

P - Pleasant, pleasing.

Q - Quote I love from Sweet Home Alabama
 What do you want to be married to me for, anyhow?
 So I can kiss you anytime I want. 

R - Responsible, reliable, real. 

S - Stalker mom. I love having Ethan at the same school as I, but it has turned me into a bit of a stalker. I tend to spy on him constantly!

T - Teacher at IST. Teaching Grade 3 this year. My class is called the Daring Dolphins!

U - Unique and unusual. (Seriously, have you ever met anyone else like me?)

V - Very scared of snakes. (So scared that the picture has to be a cartoon.)

W - Writer, wicked, wacky.

XeXtremely sure I can't find an X-word.

Y - Young at heart!

Z - Zodiac sign; Virgo!


Faiza said...

Loved the ABCs with you. Remind me to tell you why that Sweet Home Alabama comment made me cry...

Kim said...

I loved learning more about through your ABCs. :-)

Shonda said...

That's neat! I'm not so creative, it would take me forever to come up with a list. :)

Tima said...

@Faiza - I'm still waiting....
@Shonda - Don't know how creative it is. But it did take me a couple days to put together.