Saturday, August 14, 2010

Expat Anonymous

I don't cook. Yes, I know we all know this. Just thought I'd remind everyone. For the longest time, Scott would do the cooking. Poor fella. He'd work all day, then have to make dinner for us. Then about 2 years ago, Lunesia joined our family. She works for the Marines, but 3 times a week, after her day at the Marine House, she'd come over and cook for us. It was great.

Two weeks ago Lunesia informed me she was going on leave. She gets one month vacation, and usually breaks it up into 4 one week vacations throughout the year, instead of taking it all at once. I figured she was telling me she would be away for a week. She then tells me she's having a baby. In two weeks time. Which means her leave is a maternity leave, which means she'll be away for 3 months.

Ethan suggested we eat pizza everyday for the next 3 months. Scott and I thought we could handle the cooking ourselves. Or rather, he'd do the cooking. Today is day 4 without Lunesia. We've decided we need a cook. How pathetic!

Yes, my name is Tima, and I'm an Expat.


Nicole said...

WOW. You weren't kidding when u said u do not cook! I am not the best, but I do "attempt" from time to time. It's really hit and miss!

Anonymous said...

I would love to have a cook. I am horrible at it and my husband is not much better. We would eat so much better with a cook.

aprilk--swap-bot (Blog Me, Baby)

Sarah said...

You are so funny. Keith does all the cooking in our house. If he doesn't cook, we eat out. ;)