Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ethan's Ice Cream Logic

Ethan in one logical thinker. While I encourage a thinker, this one is sneaky. Especially when it comes to ice cream.

Example #1
A few weeks ago we went to Slipway. It was around 11am, and Ethan asked for an ice cream. We tried to pretend we didn't know where to get some, but you can't fool Ethan. Oh no, he knows where to go. So we walk in, and since they were just opening, they only had a few flavours out. Ethan chose one. Scott and I decided we didn't want ice cream. We're sitting down, watching Ethan eat his ice cream, and I ask if I can try some. He, kindly, lets me have a small taste. When I ask if I can have some more, he informs me, that when we were inside, I said I didn't want any, therefor I should accept that I don't have any and let him have his ice cream in peace. Yeah! Cheeky!

Example #2
Today we're at the supermarket. Ethan, again, wants ice cream. Scott buys all three of us one. We get home and Ethan wants to eat his right away. I open it, and he eats. Meanwhile, Scott is outside putting things away. Ethan finishes his ice cream, and Scott comes in and decides he wants to eat his. So now, Scott is sitting, relaxing, eating his ice cream, and Ethan wants to try some. Scott lets him have a taste. Ethan then asks for more. Scott asks if Ethan shared his with him. Ethan replies, "You were not here when I ate mine. But I am here, so you need to share". Logic!

Can't get one passed this boy!


Faiza said...

this is HILARIOUS because everything he said is probably something your 4 year old self said too!

Tima said...

The worst is you can't argue with him, cos he's right!