Thursday, August 19, 2010

Writer's Workshop

Dear Mommy,

     I just wanted to write you, and let you know how much I love you. I know it's not always easy to tell, I complain, throw tantrums, call you names sometimes. But I do love you. You often tell me that I'm 4, so I'm now a big boy, but I think you sometimes forget that.

     I know you had a hard time deciding to switch me from the French School to IST. Most of my mates at the French School I've known since I was 6 months. The French School has a very family feel to it. I loved it there, and I know you feel guilty for switching me schools. But mommy, IST is a good school. And better yet, you're there!

    Mommy, you worry too much. I know you come spy on me everyday at break time. And you worry. You see me playing alongside others, but not really interacting with them. And you worry. Am I lonely? Am I missing my mates? Did you make the wrong decision. Mommy, I've only been at school for one week now. It's a much bigger school than the French School. Give me some time. I come home and tell you I had fun. I wake up and want to go to school. That's a good sign is it not? So please stop worrying.

    You always tell your mates, that are having babies, that they should trust in themselves. So take your own advice. Don't worry so much about me. I'm ok.

    Thank you for always thinking of me and worrying. I know that means you love me. But please, stop being a stalker mom! Let me be the big boy you tell me I am.
                                                                                        Love you,
                                                                                               Ethan James Nisbet!

This letter from Ethan was brought to you by Mama Kat and her Writer's Workshop.

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Samantha said...

(((HUGS)) to you Tima!

It's so hard watching them grow up and figure things out on their own without rushing in and trying to fix it or do it for them. I know I've had to stop myself a few times from following Abby into a group of older kids at the play ground who very obviously don't want to play with her.

Mama Kat said...

Oh the school decision is SO hard! I feel you on this one!

But it's true. We do worry too much. You'll make the right decision!

Faiza said...

it's going to be great to hear what ethan has to say about this blog when he is able to read and comprehend it fully! he's gonna love that you kept all these memories for him!