Monday, April 1, 2013


Ethan really wanted to go
fishing this weekend.
He's never been,
but that doesn't mean he can't fish.
He spent a lot of time
explaining to his dad
how you hook the bait
and catch a fish.
Since he obviously
knew so much,
we decided to take him fishing.
May I also point out,
this was my first time
fishing as well.

Frazer was our guide,
and he was fantastic.
He helped out
whenever Scott was busy.

Scott made sure
Ethan knew what to do
and was properly set up.

Within minutes,
my little fisherman
caught a rather large
Not only did he need
Scott's help,
but Frazer helped too.

In the end,
my little fisherman,
caught 3 large

I also did pretty well.
Caught a catfish too.
Reeled it in all by myself as well!

he caught a couple of small fish.
He had to release them,
as they were small.
Ethan likes to point out
that he caught,
not only the most fish,
but also the biggest fish!

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Sue said...

Wow! Good for Ethan!!