Thursday, April 4, 2013

Writer's Workshop - Something New

Something new you tried.

I never got the whole fishing thing.
You sit in a boat,
touch icky worms,
throw in a line
and wait.
Wait in hopes that 
a fish will take the bait.

on the other hand,
loves to fish.
And he loves me enough
not to ask me to go with him.

Then Easter weekend happened.
We went to a lodge.
To see some animals
and mostly,
to relax.
I'm on Spring Break.
I have no lesson plans to write,
no homework to mark,
and no studying to do.
I had big plans to sit by the pool
and read.

But then,
Ethan decided he wanted to go fishing.
At first,
I thought I'd stay back.
But it was Ethan's first time fishing
and someone had to be there to document it all.

So I went.
After about 5 minutes,
Ethan caught his first fish.
That's when I decided I wanted to give it a try too.
Yes, that's right,
I tried something new.

you know,
it really wasn't so bad.

Just don't be thinking
this trying something new
will become a habit!


BalancingMama (Julie) said...

I like your poem format. Congrats on the fish! I've never tried it myself, either.

Karen and Gerard said...

Great writing job here--nice poem! That is a good-sized fish too! Congrats on your fishing.

Dianne Elwood Stauber said...

You are more brave than I am, girl! Good for you!!! Nice blog indeed.

Mama Melch said...

What an adventure! Good on you for trying something slimey and new. Did you eat the fish?

Sue said...

Great fish! And good writing, too...


Leslie aka Mother Robin said...

What a fun way to create your post. Loved it!