Monday, April 1, 2013

Scarlet - Marissa Meyer

Last year,
I came across the book
Cinder by Marissa Meyer
and fell in love. 
You can read all about that

This year
was released.
I'm not sure what I expected,
but this wasn't it.
I loved the whole
Cinderella take.
I didn't find it cheesy.
I loved the way Cinderella 
was made into a cyborg.
It offered a new twist.

In Scarlet,
Cinder has been imprisonned
and manages to escape. 
She decides to go to France
and search for the woman
she beleives may hold the key
to her missing past.

we meet Scarlet.
Her grandmother has been kidnapped
and she's determined to find her.
She meets a streetfighter
named Wolf
who offers his help.
Scarlet, grandmother, wolf...
Did I mention she wears a red hoodie?

this Cinderella tale
has turned into a fractured fairy tale.
And that started to bug me.

Scarlet ended with more secrets.
Cinder is determined to learn about her powers
with Wolf's help,
and beat Queen Levana.
What gets me,
is what comes next?
Hansel and Gretel?
Snow White?
Is Luna filled with fairy tale characters?

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