Tuesday, August 30, 2011

52 Weeks of Happiness - Week 26

Oh what a weekend it was.

As some of you may have heard,
my dearest darling husband is off to Australia
for an African mining conference.
This means he shall miss my birthday.
We had plans this summer to go to Italy to celebrate.
But the new job cancelled that.
Then we decided to spend the weekend in Victoria Falls to celebrate.
The conference cancelled that.
It is not looking to be a good birthday.

Over the summer I bought a new camera lens.
I told Scott to consider it my birthday present.
With him being away for my birthday,
he gave me my present early.
I wasn't expecting anything.

Did you think this was my happiness this week?
While I LOVE it,
it's not this week's joy.

Saturday was the last Saturday of the month.
Which means it's Dutch Reform Market Day.
Susan and I went together.
Since Scott had to work to sort out his Aussie trip,
Ethan came along.

The Dutch market is filled with....

You can buy local crafts, furniture, food, clothing, jewellery....

I wanted to get a shelf unit with baskets for the bathroom.
The guy who had them, didn't have exactly what I wanted,
so I order one.
It will be ready next week.
There was another guy with the coolest looking zebra table.
Ethan loved it.
The table had a drawer.
Ethan claimed he could put all his homework there.
No I didn't buy it.
I ordered one.
A leopard table.

I did buy a lovely necklace for myself.

Ethan even loved the market.
He was fascinated with this porcelain dog.

And while happiness could be my new iPad or necklace,
let's be honest..

Happiness is a spending a wonderful day with friends, supporting some great Zambian artists.


Sue said...

What a fun shopping experience. I love that kind of place.


PS. Happy birthday to you!

Karen Mortensen said...

That market place looks wonderful. Hope you will have a good birthday even with your husband gone.