Thursday, August 18, 2011

Writer's Workshop

 10 Lessons your child could teach you.

This weekend, Ethan and I had a great conversation about love. And while Mama Kat has asked for 10 lessons, Ethan provided us with 7.

Last Christmas we had a cookie exchange party at our house. One of Ethan's classmates came over. This was the first time she had been to our house, and Ethan was thrilled to see her. He gave her a tour of the house, which included his bedroom, where he closed the door. He emerged out of the bedroom, holding her hand, a big smile on his face and announced, "We are married."

Lesson #1 - When you kiss someone on the lips, it means you are married.

Throughout the party, Ethan made sure she was enjoying himself. She was the only one from his class to come. All the other mates were ones he had baby group, or playdates with. She didn't know the other children. Ethan made sure everyone was nice to her and played with her.

Lesson #2 - Always make sure your loved one is happy.

In January we went to a birthday party for my mate's daughter. She turned 2. She wanted to give Ethan a hug and kiss after the party. Ethan was offended. "I already have a girlfriend. She cannot kiss me!"

Lesson #3 - Remain faithful, even when others are throwing themselves at you.

While in Canada over both, Christmas and the summer, Ethan would tell anyone who cared that he had a girlfriend.

Lesson #4 - Be proud of your girl/boyfriend.

We are now in Lusaka. We will not see this  girl again. (insert sad face) Ethan was playing with a lovely little girl the other day. She asked Ethan for a kiss. He refused. When I asked him why, he replied he already has a girlfriend. When I pointed out that she's still in Dar and he's here, he explained to me that "just because we won't see her, doesn't mean I don't still love her".

Lesson #5 - Out of sight is not out of mind.

Lesson #6 - You cannot jump into one relationship after another.

Ethan wanted me to know, however, that even though he loves this girl, he is able to love me more.

Lesson #7 - Always love your mother!


Darlene said...

Oh my gosh Tima, how I did love this post! I got such good laughs after every single point. This kid is something else, isn't he? Just goes to show how much we can learn from our children.

I had my map of Africa to see how far Lusaka is from Dar. You managed to go a fair distance. Just how many miles is it?

I'm so glad that I visited your blog. I have to tell you that the only reason I did was because my name is Darlene, and my nickname is "Dar" so I was very curious to see just where Dar was. Now you no longer live there, does that mean I won't have to visit your blog anymore? Absolutely not!! I am hooked and am always interested in reading it, even though I don't always comment. I notice that you do comment on my daughter Sue's blog once in a while. She is "Sue's News and Views" She visited your blog because I had told her about you. In fact, Sue is the one that insisted that I have my own blog and she even created it for me as I am not to bright when it comes to computers though. I am 84 years old and just decided that I darn well ought to learn and I'm so glad that I did. Thanks for the entertaining posts about you and your family.

Kim said...

Oh, that is just too sweet. You are doing such a great job with that little guy.
Cole will tell me that he will always love me, even when he gets married. I tell him "Thank you", but in my head I say "Yeah, you had better, Bucko!"

Faiza said...

smart little boy!

Faiza said...

Now that you are back in Dar, have they picked up where they left off?

Tima said...

@Faiza - She's also moved on. Think she's in Korea now.