Monday, August 1, 2011

The Perfect Sunday

Ethan and I have now been in Lusaka for one whole week. How does one celebrate their week anniversary? By having the perfect Sunday.

When Ethan was at the French School, he became good mates with a little boy, Tiago. Last October, Tiago and his family moved to Lusaka. Tiago and his sister are in the UK visiting their grandparents, but Val and Imani are here. We agreed to meet up on Sunday at the Kilimanjaro Cafe. I couldn't believe how much Imani has grown. She's a little girl now. No longer a baby.

Before heading there, Betti gave us a call. She was at the Kilimanjaro Cafe having lunch and wanted to know what we were up to. Isn't this the perfect opportunity for a Dar reunion?

While the adults chatted away (Betti and Craig hadn't met Val while in Dar), the kids played.

Betti and I had a great time picking Val's brain on things in Lusaka. We've even been told of a shop where we should not be bringing our credit cards as there are fabulous leather bags there. Hope you're reading should not as should bring your credit cards.

Val also mentioned there are often ponies there for the kids to ride. Sure enough, after lunch, the ponies showed up. Last time Ethan was on one, he was silent the entire time. Scott and I were concerned he had a terrible time and was utterly terrified. Turns out we were wrong. He couldn't wait to get on this one.

And if you think our afternoon at Kilimanjaro made for a perfect Sunday, you'd be half correct. It was a great afternoon. It was wonderful to meet with mates, chat, catch up, and watch Ethan play with mates and make some new ones. But, our Sunday didn't end there.

Scott's colleague invited us over for dinner. His wife and daughter are here for 2 weeks. I think he's trying to convince her to relocate here. His daughter is 7, and Ethan enjoyed playing with her. They have a little playground, so the two of them went off to play.

After dinner we had a hard time convincing Ethan to give up his card game and head home to bed. 

If all weekends in Lusaka are as wonderful and perfect as this one, Life in Lusaka will be lovely!


Faiza said...

you've already had a perfect sunday? that is AMAZING! so happy for you!

Sarah said...

So you're getting a new leather bag? Er, I mean, yay for a perfect Sunday! :) So glad to hear it.

Kim said...

Sounds like a fantastic day.
Um, we will have to see pictures of the new bags you buy, because I know you will. ;)