Tuesday, August 21, 2012

52 Weeks of Happiness - Week 24

This was a very exciting week.
And an even more exciting weekend.
This was Scott's weekend home!

Scott was suppose to come Friday,
but decided to surprise us by coming home 
Thursday night.

Friday morning,
Ethan woke at 5am
and came into my bedroom.
He usually crawls into bed
and goes back to sleep.
But this time he saw his dad
and immediately woke up
and proceeded to tell his dad
all about his first few days of school.

While getting ready for school,
Ethan grumbled how his loose tooth still hadn't come out.
"Well Daddy's home this weekend,
so maybe it'll come out this weekend."

Sure enough,
at school,
guess who lost his first tooth?

Missing tooth
After school,
to celebrate his first week of school
and his first lost tooth,
Daddy took him out for lunch.

Friday night 
the tooth fairy visited.

10pin ($2) woohoo!
Saturday was breakfast at a cafe of
Ethan's choice.

While I got date night.

Sunday was a day of family time.

Happiness is hanging out with Daddy
on his weekend home.


Sue said...

Looks like they have a great relationship!


Darlene said...

It sounds like a great weekend! Does Scott only come home on weekends? I hope I misunderstood this. If I didn't, how in the world do you stand this set up? I would hate being alone that much.

I am happy to see the picture of Ethan and his first lost tooth. I hope he continues to love going to school. Lunch out with Dad had to be pretty special.