Tuesday, August 28, 2012

52 Weeks of Happiness - Week 25

There are many reasons
I'm happy we're back at school.
One of them is the
Friday market.

Every Friday morning,
we have a lady come in.
She has a farm and it's a great time
to buy fresh fruit and vegetables.
Working all day,
I don't get to go to the Tuesday market
and buying fresh produce for the supermarket
doesn't always work.

Also, she has fresh flowers.

Happiness is gorgeous fresh flowers
that brighten up your house.


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

beautiful flowers. they would make me smile too.

w said...

yellow roses are my favorite!

Sue said...

I have some Gerber daisies right now from our Farmer's Market. I bought them a week ago Saturday, and they still look great!


Kim said...

I love fresh flowers in the house. It doesn't happen often, though. Those are gorgeous!!