Monday, August 6, 2012

Banana Ice Cream

A few days before we returned to Zambia,
Ethan was outside with his Grandpa.
He (Ethan) walks into the house,
looks at me
pats my belly and says
I think we're having a boy!

I come home,
and my housekeeper has a big smile on her face
and tells me I've put on some weight.

YES people,
I enjoyed my summer vacation.
The ice cream,
the ice caps,
the Timbits.
Yes I've put on some weight.

But now I'm home
and it's time to start getting back in shape.
I have a weakness.
Ice cream.
What's worse,
whenever Scott travels
I tend to feast on ice cream.
And he's now away.
A lot.

Now you all know
I know nothing about the kitchen.
I am the undomesticated goddess.
So when I heard you could 
freeze bananas, mash them up
and voila
have ice cream,
well I had to try it.
I'm not about just the banana ice cream.
So I made two kinds
thanks to Real Mom Kitchen.

Strawberry banana ice cream
Ethan gave this one
two thumbs up!

One of my favourite ice creams
is Ben & Jerry's
Chunky Monkey.

My own Chunky Monkey
I forgot to pick up some walnuts
but will definitely add them next time.
I was sceptical 
that I would actually like it,
but OMG
it's fantastic.

So now I can have my ice cream
and loose weight too!


Sue said...

Two scoops, please!


Kim said...

That looks great. I will have to try it. I have packed on the pounds this summer, as well.