Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First Day of School

Ethan headed back to school today.
He started Grade 1.
I'm in utter disbelief that he's old enough
to attend Grade 1.
But it was also very exciting.

Ethan had picked out his first day outfit
over a week ago.
However, the t-shirt was still in the laundry.
But since he's now in Grade 1,
he didn't whine, 
but found something else
equally cool to wear.

Time for school.

"Check out my new school bag."

Finding his cubby.

His teacher gave the students little stick men.
They were asked to make themselves.
Eloise (Ms Engel, Ethan's teacher)
let me know that if there was ever any doubt that Ethan was my child
this activity proves he's soooo my child.

Ethan made himself into a vampire.

Ethan found Ms Engle to be
"quite nice"
"hopes she'll be my teacher everyday".

You know we're in for a good year.


Kim said...

Cole started 1st grade yesterday. I am in shock, too. I am glad that Ethan enjoys his class and his teacher. Always a good thing.

Sue said...

He looks ready to go! Hope he has a great year...


Darlene said...

Ethan looks pretty sharp for his first day of school. I really liked his picture of himself, even if it was a vampire.

I'm glad he likes his teacher. That is so important I think.

BTW, what is a cubby?