Thursday, August 2, 2012

Golden Lies - Barbara Freethy

With Scott in Kitwe
my nights are a little lonely,
so what better thing to do,
than to curl up with a book.

Golden Lies is an easy read. 
It's a fun book,
filled with love and mystery.

Riley McAllister helps his grandmother
clean out the attic.
They find a Chinese dragon and take it
to those Antique Roadshows type shows
where it's estimated to be from ancient times.

Paige Hathaway is a princess.
Ok, not a real princess,
but she's filthy rich.
Her family owns The House of Hathaway
and her father, an expert in Chinese antiquities,
 is interested in the dragon.

Riley and his grandmother leave the dragon there.
David takes it to show a mate in 
He is mugged and left in a coma.
The dragon is nowhere to be found.

And thus begins the mystery.
Riley and Paige work together.
He wants to find the dragon
and she wants to find out who attacked her father.
they learn the secrets of their parents
and grandparents
and of course,
fall in love.

Just the type of book you need
on a quiet Wednesday night.

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