Friday, August 10, 2012

Five Questions Friday

School starts on Wednesday.
I've headed back to school this week.
I got my new iPad
yeah me
and in our iPad training
I learnt two new apps
which I'm excited to try out with my students.
Today I started arranging my classroom.
It's starting to take shape.
today is Friday,
which means,
after a long absence,
I'm rejoining
Five Questions Friday.

1) Thunderstorms - Love them or hate them?
Can I be undecided?
I don't seem to recall liking them as a child.
I do recall being a little afraid.
Now, after months of heat
I love them.
after a raining season
you can tend to get fed up of them.
Ethan's not a fan.
And often a thunderstorm
means the power will go off
which sucks.
But generally,
I'm neutral.

2) Do you get your kids back to school clothes.
Decent clothes for Ethan
are hard to find here.
He's tall and slim
so we need to make sure they are not too short
and yet can adjust to fit his waist.
So trips home
include shopping.
If we're home,
or even travel,
during the summer months,
we I shop.
But it's not necessarily back to school clothes.
It's just clothes.
Which he may wear when he goes back to school.

3) Do you golf? Do you watch it?
'nuff said! - Not even the biggest sex scandal of the last decade can get me to watch a golf tournament

4) Showers or baths?
Everyday is a shower.
It's faster
and better for the environment,
but every once in a while,
a nice, relaxing bath
does the trick.

5) What's the strangest meal you've ever had?
gotta think on that.
A few years ago,
we went to the St Andrew's ball
(Scottish ball).
Haggis was on the menu.
Can't say I've ever had it.
Not sure I will again.

Well now,
after a day of fun iPads
and moving classroom furniture,
I think I'm going to take a bath.

Happy weekend.


Nani said...

love the cartoon that goes with the golf question!

Sue said...

I agreed with all of your answers...


Darlene said...

School seems to be starting eveywhere. My daughter, Nikki, teaches English in middle school and she has been preparing for the last couple of weeks. She is so particular about her room. I can't imagine what else she does, but she has been going to the school (she teaches in a Catholic all girls school, which she loves because they are so disciplined}every single day. She is the head of the English dept. there too, which is quite a bit of extra work. She is a born teacher though as she used to have her own neighborhood school when she was young and the mothers of her students loved it. The kids always did Nikki's daily homework and the neighborhood moms told me that the kids learned more from Nikki that they ever did in schoool. She works so hard though. Being an English teacher, she is always busy on weekends at home because there are always so many things to correct and make comments on. their essays, stories, poems etc.

I'm like Sue as far as the quesions are concerned. I love learning more about you when you answer these, but on this one, all of your answers were spot on as far as I am concerned. I could have written those answers myself. Dick loves to watch golf tournaments on Saturdays, but they bore me to tears. I'd much rather read, or bake.