Tuesday, March 5, 2013

52 Weeks of Happiness - Week 52

This week, Ethan began a new Unit of Inquiry;
Making Sense of It All.
It's about the five senses.
And since he began a new unit,
it means he finished a unit.
On Friday,
Ethan's class held their work share day.

Parents are invited to the classroom. 
Students show off the work they have done 
in this last unit.
I love work share day.

Ethan reads his days of the week story.

His art work and poem about seasons.

His math word problem.
His rock cycle

Happiness is seeing the learning
that goes on in school.


Darlene said...

Ethan must be going to a very remarkable school as he seems to learn so much there. He is getting to be quite the artist too. I do so enjoy your posts about that kid. I so much would love to meet you both in person, but that doesn't seem to be likely in this life. At least I can read about your life and hear about all the things you are doing.

I do hope that you are feeling better by now, Tima. Have you been able to take any time off, or are you still teaching all the time you have been feeling so bad?

Sarah said...

How fun! I wish Connor's school had something like that.

Sue said...

He is a good little artist!