Thursday, March 21, 2013

Writer's Workshop - 10 Things

10 things you don't know how to do 

I was having lunch
with some colleagues
earlier this week,
and one mentioned all the
sewing projects she's been up to.

Another colleague makes
incredible Indian food.

In all my wonderfulness
I will admit
there are a few things,
I cannot do.
I know!

1. Sew 
 I'm pretty sure I owned a sewing machine a few years back.
What happened? 
I have no idea.

2. Cook
Baking is not cooking
and cooking I cannot do.

3. Play an instrument
Once again,
I did take piano lessons,
guitar lesson,
And yet,
I cannot read a note.

4. Play pool.
My brother loves it.
Scott can play.
I have no clue how to hold a cue.

5. Make jewelry
I have some amazingly talented friends.
If you ever need some cute rings or necklaces
let me know.
I can send you to the right person. 

6. Complete an assignment ahead of time.
I wait until the last minute. 
Even if I pretend it's due a week earlier
to get it done earlier,
I know it's a fake deadline,
so I won't do it.

7. Write poetry
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Writing poems
Is hard to do.
(oh! maybe I can!)

8. Say no to a cute pair of shoes
I just can't.
I'm sure it's something in my genes.
And if it isn't
I'm saying it is.

9. Go a full day without sending a text message.
I get withdrawl symptons.
My fingers get fat and flabby.

10. Say no to a Coach bag.
Or Kate Spade.
Or a Gillie bag.
Or any cute bag,
to be honest.


The Mommy Mambo said...

After reading several posts I've come the conclusion that sewing is a dying art. I can't either. It seems to me that when you buy all the required items, and a pattern, and spend all that time (and time is money) you could have just gone to Target!?

B Nickerson said...

Nice list. We all have different abilities and a lot is caught rather then taught in the growing up years. I have all my parent's skills sets: cooking, baking, sewing, crafts, DIY.
No one played muscial instruments or sports in my house, so I didn't get those.

Sarah said...

Why sew when my mom can do it for me? And I can't turn down a purse either. Am currently waiting for my newest bag to arrive! :)

Sue said...

Fun responses!


Jerralea said...

This was a fun list to read. I can do half of them, the other half? Forget even trying ... (Especially the sewing.)

Karen and Gerard said...

I can sew, could sew but have absolutely no desire too even though I got an "A" in clothing in Jr. High. I think they must have graded on effort and persistence.

Court Dan said...

So in our house I bake and my husband cooks. It works wonders for us. But I've never met anyone who can do both, it seems you either cook, or you bake.

Janice Trinh said...

That's pretty funny about texting. Don't we all have that problem nowadays? LOL.