Monday, March 11, 2013

ShoeGate 2013

Every Christmas
we go home
to winter.
And the cold.
And snow. 
And every year,
I want to buy myself a pair of boots.
I don't have any.
I usually wear an old pair
of hiking boots,
or just some booties.
I never buy any.
It just doesn't make sense
to spend tons of money
on boots that will be worn 
for 3-4 weeks in a year.

At the end of October,
I saw a cute pair of booties
and on sale.
I thought,
since they were fairly cheap,
I could order them
and have them sent home to 
That way,
I'd arrive to a cute pair of boots.
in my excitement,
I didn't check the mailing address
and had them sent here.

It was then December
and we were heading home.
My boots hadn't arrived.
And thus
ShoeGate happened. 

While shopping at Walmart
a few days before Christmas
I bought myself a cheap pair of boots.
I had no clue
that a part of my Christmas present
was a gift card to Aldo's 
to buy a pair of boots.


I used my Aldo card
to get myself
2 cute pairs of booties. 

Fast forward to this weekend.
We've all forgotten about
I head to Mercury
as I'm told I have a package.
My father-in-law sent some mail.
I got a care package from a mate in the US.
Oh, and a cute pink box.
My boots!!!!!!

ShoeGate 2013 has come back!!!

Aren't these the cutest?
How could something so small
and so cute
cause such an issue?


Sarah said...

How cute!

Sue said...

Those really are great boots!


Darlene said...

I'm sure you will really enjoy wearing those darling boots, Tima and I'll bet they look great on might take a picture of you wearing them. I would like that!