Thursday, March 14, 2013

One Grave at a Time - Jeaniene Frost

I think I need to dye my hair red
so I can pretend to be Cat.

Here are a few reasons 
I love this series:
1. Cat
2. Bones
3. Their hilarious side kicks
4. Their scenes!
5. Ian

I think next Halloween
I'll be Cat.

But I digress.
One Grave at a Time
picks up after Cat's uncle Don
passes away,
but cannot pass into the other side.

This time,
Cat has two pains in her arse.
There's Jason Madigan
who has taken over Don's office,
demoted Tate
(I know, can you beleive it)
has some stash of vampires
he's holding prisonner
and a huge pain in Cat's side.

Then there's the ghost of 
Heinrich Kramer.
He's a ghost.
He use to burn women
whom he accused of witchcraft.
every Halloween
he's able to solidify
and murders and tortures
three women.
It's up to Cat
to kill a ghost.

And you were wondering
why I want to be her
for Halloween.

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Sue said...

Sounds creepy! I know...that's how you like 'em!!