Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blood Shadows - Tessa Dawn

I love The Following.
But I have a hard time
going to bed after an episode. 
Last night at 10:30
I was slightly creeped out.
So I decided to read 
just one more chapter
of Blood Shadows
before going to bed.
That one more chapter
lasted a few hours
and was more than 
one chapter.
I finished the book.
You know it's a good book
when you devour it.

Blood Shadows
is the 4th installement in the 
Blood Curse series. 
It begins a few months after 
the last. 
Nachari Silivasi made the ultimate
He went into the Valley of Death and Shadows
to save their king,
But something went wrong.
And while the Vampyr king is home
Nachari is not.
His body remains with his brothers
in Dark Moon Vale
but he is in the Valley,
being tortured,
burned and beaten
every single day.

for the last 3 months,
Deanna is haunted by dreams.
And her art.
She sketches her dreams.
And in her dreams,
a gorgeous man
is in Hell and being tortured.

Determined to find out if she's going crazy,
Deanna makes her way
to Dark Moon Vale
just in time to learn she is 
Nachari's destiny.

Now, can the brothers help her see this?
Can they do this before the Blood Curse?
And will Nachari ever return to them?

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Sue said...

I am chuckling that you read Blood Shadows to cure you from being creeped out over The Following.