Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lover at Last - JR Ward

The wait is over!
Qhuay is here!
And it was sooo worth the wait.
Now I know I have some mates
still reading,
so I'm not going to spoil it for them.
For those who have no idea
Lover at Last
is book 11 in JR Ward's
Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

I received the book
and was utterly giddy.
I had serious plans
to not start the book until Friday.
We're driving up to Kafue,
3 hours to read
where I planned to spend
the rest of the day by the pool reading.
But then,
Tuesday afternoon,
I thought 
just one chapter.
Which turned into reading until

Here's my issues.
I've been waiting
for this book.
And I realise the entire book
cannot be just about Qhuinn and Blay.
I'd read a chapter,
have an OMG moment
and decide I needed one more chapter.
But the next chapter
would be about Xcor
or Assail.
So then I would need 
one more chapter to return
to Qhuay.
You see the pattern.

But I read it.
And loved it.
Nuff said.

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