Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Happiness Project - Week 1

When we lived in Dar,
Ethan had tons of playdates.
I felt well versed in playdates.
But.. for some reason..
Ethan tends to go on playdates
more than he has them.

We've had a 5-day weekend.
Ethan and one of his classmates,
have been playing together a lot.
They played well last year
and had some playdates,
but something happened this year.
they've enjoyed each other's company recently
that mum and I arranged a playdate.

At first,
I was nervous.
Do I know what I'm suppose to do?
In case this went sour,
I planned a baking activity as backup.
Things did not go sour.
But Ethan and his mate
were eager to bake.

Happiness is baking ninja cookies with your mate.


Darlene said...

This looks like a pretty fun play date. I'm sure they had a wonderful time and their cookies look pretty darned good. I wouldn't mind having one right this minute.

Sue said...

Kids always seem to have fun baking. You are a good mom to make that happen!