Saturday, March 16, 2013

High Five For Friday

My mate, Sarah,
has the sweetest blog.
If you haven't visited her yet,
you should. 
Today, she posted a cute meme. 
You could check it out here

And since it was inspiring,
I've decided to join in.
it's five things you've loved
from the past week. 

Did you hear?
I got a new pair of boots!

Ethan had a playdate on Monday.
He and his mate
baked cookies.
And not just any cookies,
ninja cookies!

We had a five day weekend.
Friday was Women's Day
and Tuesday was Youth Day.
And while I had some course work to do,
I took the time to do something I haven't 
in a long time.
I read a book!

During the 5-day weekend,
I dyed my hair.

And finally,
my newest obession is
chocolate covered almonds.
My mum always told me
almonds are great for your brain.
She never said they couldn't be
covered in chocolate.

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Sarah said...

Love the hair! I really need to try out these chocolate covered almonds you keep talking about.

Sue said...

VERY nice hair color!