Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Party

Saturday night is Date Night for Scott and I. We are lucky enough to have my parents here, who are more than happy to babysit Ethan every Saturday. Overnight. When we first started having them babysit, I use to call, like 50 times! I don't think my mum appreciated my calls interfering with her Ethan time.

So, imagine my surprise when she called me this Saturday evening. I was concerned that something had happened to him. No, nothing like that. She just wanted to know if I've ever taken Ethan to a naked party.

"Ah, pardon me?"

"A naked party. Have you ever taken Ethan to a naked party?"

"Uh. I beg your pardon?"

It would appear that Ethan had just had a bath and was refusing to put his clothes on. When my mum stated that he could not go around naked, he replied that, not only could he, but he's even been to a naked party!

Of course, I needed to get to the bottom of this.

"It was a long time ago, mommy."

"You mean I took you to a naked party?"

"You just don't remember."

"Obviously, and where was this party?"

"Ah! A long time ago, I said. You weren't there."

"Ok, well I'm glad we've now established that I didn't take you to this party. So where was it?"

"It was after school. I don't remember. Oh, but we played naked games!"

So by this time, I laughing way too much to get any more information.

This morning, he elaborated. It was at school.

Think I shall be chatting with his teacher tomorrow!



Kim said...

That explains your Say What you had a while back about him getting naked. lol. This is just too funny!!

karina said...

oh yes we ALWAYS have naked parties at our house!! funny