Thursday, February 3, 2011

Writing Challenge - Day 4

 If I had a million dollars, I’d …………

We've all been asked this question before. And I think I always answer the same. But really, do I know what I'd do? 

Scott and I have a list of places we'd like to go. There are many countries in Europe we'd like to visit, so I'm going to say take a few months off and travel. (The great part of being a teacher is I do get a couple months off!)

Wait, let's change that. We're going to do Australia instead. Reason, I know I'll eventually make it to the European countries on my list (we're crossing off Italy this summer) but I know I have Australia on that list too.

Ok, so once I've thoroughly enjoyed my vacation, I'm going to be an adult and pay off any debts I may have, ie credit card.

I want a house. Or two! lol! One here in Dar that we could own, and one home in Canada, that we could either keep for when we go home, or it would be an investment, and we'd rent it out.

Do I have any money left?

We've been great, and have invested money in a pension and an education fund for Ethan, but I could always add to it.

Oh, and a new car. Scott really needs a new car. He's just spent a bundle at the fundi's (mechanic) on his current car.

But seriously, if there's any left, it's being saved till the next summer, for our next fabulous trip! 

Gosh, I hope that's not too boring!


CinfulCinnamon said...

Boring? I think not. Besides, who cares if it's boring. It's your money, and if people think you're's just because they are jealous. Afterall, you DO have a million dollars. (well, you DID till you spent most of it...LOL)

Thanks for taking the challenge :)


Yes I Blog said...

I'd be one of those people who ends up paying all my friends and families debt off and having nothing to show for it and no fabulous trip memories either.

Wish you could win a million! Your plan sounds better than what mine would end up being!