Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Twiga Way

Early in our school year, the counselling department at our school, visited the classrooms to discuss  Kelso's Choices.   I loved this. It was great to see how Ethan could transfer this knowledge from his school life, to his home life.

This term, the counselling department has brought us the Twiga Way. The word twiga in Kiswahili means giraffe. Not only is the giraffe Tanzania's national animal, but it is also our school mascot.  The idea behind the Twiga Way is for students to draw comparisons between the twiga (giraffe) characteristics, and human traits. 

Here are some twiga characteristics:

* Twigas have big hearts.
* They have long necks and look out for each other.
* They have strong legs for walking distances and working hard.
* They are helpful, not harmful animals. (The twiga helps the trees he eats to keep growing.)
* Each twiga is unique. Just like a snowflake, no 2 are alike. 

So how does this relate to us? Well, as humans (or human twigas),
*  We have big hearts and are caring.
* We are risk-takers. We stick our necks out to stand up for what we believe in, or do things to help others. 
*We are committed. We work hard, persevere and don't give up.
* We use our eyes, ears, and brains to think about others and the world around us. 
* We come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and personalities. We are all unique.

It's great to see the children make the connection between themselves and the human twiga. My class is currently discussing heroes. What makes a hero? Who are heroes? What traits do heroes have? And it's fabulous to hear them make the connection between their hero and the human twiga. 

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Ethan colours his twiga and ensures it's as unique.......

..... as he is.