Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Writing Challenge - Day 3

Today's writing challenge is about connection. 
Did you meet or connect with someone from online.  Either through your blog, or one of the social media? You don’t have to name names, but tell us how you connected with them and what is the biggest contribution that they’ve made; either to your bloggy life or your personal life.

I have an amazing group of friends. They are super supportive, caring, listen when I need to vent, thoughtful, encouraging. And I've never met a single one of them! Scott refers to them as my Seed friends. 

When I was pregnant with Ethan, one of my mates here, (thank you Liria) told me about Baby Center. It's a website for expectant mothers. The wonderful thing Liria told me about, was the baby groups. For every month, there was a discussion board. I was due in July 2006, and found the July 2006 baby board.

I lurked. I read other mommy-to-bes stories and questions. Sometimes, I'd post something myself. I then discovered The Watermelon Seeds. This was a subgroup in the July board. Here, we were all due the same week. Once again, I lurked.

After Ethan was born, I spent more time online, "chatting" with these women. Eventually, the Seeds formed a group outside Baby Center, on Facebook.

We chat daily. We exchange Christmas cards. Our Seeds send each other birthday and Christmas cards. We are now a smaller group, but we are still ever so supportive. A few have even gone and had Seeds 2.0 or 3.0. Some, have been so kind as to send Ethan and I care packages. Scott always laughs when he sees one. "Now who's this that sent this?" The Seed friends are now called the Seed from Boston, or Texas, or wherever they live. Scott will also, sometimes, ask how Boston Seed is enjoying the snow. He never chats with them, but am sure, he has some connection with them to.

There's something really special about my Seed friends. I've never met any of them IRL. And yet, they influence me in ways some of my IRL friends haven't. Sarah introduced me to the world of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Melissa challenged me to read 100 books this year. I can share alot with these women, and have never felt judged. In some ways, I can share more with them than my IRL friends. 

I have to wonder....... what would my life be like without the wonderful world on the internet, and my wonderful Seeds. Shudder.......Let's not think about that!


CinfulCinnamon said...

I think that is wonderful. When I was researching the internet before I had my tummy tuck, I lucked into a group of women that had pictures and stories and advice about pre and post operative care. It was a lifesaver. And although I read it voraciously during my recovery, I've slacked up now almost a year later. But I feel guilty if I don't check in once a week or so because they were all so helpful to me. So, I can definetly relate.

Thanks for doing Day 3 !!!

Faiza said...

I can totally relate! I love some of my blog friends and hope that one day we can meet IRL.